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Privacy Policy of Prepaid MegaStore

The definitions provided to You in Our General Terms of Use apply also to this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy describes how Prepaid MegaStore handles Your personal information. It applies to the Prepaid MegaStore Mobile Wallet, Website and all related services and tools regardless of how You use or access them. We encourage You to review the policy whenever You use Our Services.

Prepaid MegaStore collects certain information in order to operate effectively and to provide You the best service and experience. Some information You provide directly to Us when registering, and some We collect when You interact with the Prepaid MegaStore Mobile Wallet, Our Website, products and marketing communications.

Subject to the provisions of Article 14 of Our Terms You are always entitled to receive information about Your stored personal data, as well as to having them corrected, blocked or deleted free of charge, unless such data may not be immediately deleted for administrative or regulatory reasons, in which case We may be required to store it for a certain period of time.

Information We may collect

Information You provide to Us directly when registering or modifying Your profile. If certain information is not provided, You may not be able to use some of Our Services. This necessary information includes:

Information is automatically collected when You are using the Prepaid MegaStore Mobile Wallet, Website and Services: This information helps Us determine how You interact with the Prepaid MegaStore Mobile Wallet, Our Website, Services and marketing communications. This information is necessary to identify You as an authorized User, to detect fraud against You and Us, to enable Us to offer personalized ads to You and to offer You rewards for certain campaigns. This information may include:

How We use Your Information

We use the collected information in order to provide, maintain, improve, protect and personalize Our software, products and features. We may use Your personal information to:

How We protect, process and store Your personal data

We use Your personal data solely for order processing purposes. Your personal data is processed and stored in compliance with the provisions of the Law of ________ of 2 August 2002 on personal data protection, as amended. We store and process Your personal information on Our servers. We may collect and store information locally on Your device, using mechanisms such as browser web storage (including HTML 5) and application data caches.

Our Website, as well as the Prepaid MegaStore Mobile Wallet and other applications and systems, are protected by technical and organizational security measures to prevent loss, destruction, unauthorized access, modification or dissemination of Your personal data by unauthorized persons.

Sharing Your Information

Some of Our Services allow You to share information, news and usage patterns with others. Remember that when You share information publicly, it may be indexed by search engines and by social network operators. We may also use this information in order to communicate with You via subscription channels or interesting and advantageous offers provided by Us or third parties. Our Services may provide You with different options on sharing content.

When You perform transactions with other Prepaid MegaStore users, We may provide information about You to those parties which is necessary to complete the transaction, such as Your name, email address, mobile phone number or other information needed to promote the reliability and security of the transaction. The receiving party is not allowed to use this information for unrelated purposes, such as to directly marketing to You, unless You agreed to this.

If someone sends You money and enters Your email address or Your mobile phone number, We will provide them with Your registered name and/or email address and/or mobile phone number, in order for them to verify they are sending the money to the correct account.

Mobile phone push notifications

We may use notification services available for Your device to inform You about incoming transactions, accepted transactions and messages from other Users when You are not actively running or using the Prepaid MegaStore Mobile Wallet. These services may be provided by a third party (e.g. messages sent to an Apple device may use Apple’s Push Notification Services). Notification services may receive information about the caller, sender of the message and the content of the message as part of providing the service and may use the information in accordance with their terms and conditions and privacy policy. We are not responsible for data collected by third party notification services.

If You do not want to use third party notification services to receive notification of incoming transactions and messages, You can disable this in Your notification settings either in the settings of the Prepaid MegaStore Mobile Wallet or in the notification settings found in Your device settings.

Cookies and similar technologies

Our Website and Prepaid MegaStore Mobile Wallet use "cookies", which are small text files stored on Your device, to help operate the Website and the Prepaid MegaStore Mobile Wallet and help collect information about Your activity. The text in a cookie often consists of a string of numbers and letters that uniquely identifies Your device, but it may contain other information as well. Most Web browsers are initially configured to accept cookies, but You can change this setting so Your browser either refuses all cookies or informs You when a cookie is being sent. Furthermore, You are free to delete any existing cookies at any time.

Other Information

From time to time We may ask You to give Us and/or Our Partners permission to use third party software tools, links or plug-ins within the Prepaid MegaStore Mobile Wallet and Our Website. In such cases You will be notified to accept or decline the use of these services.

In these cases, however, the volume of data and information disclosed is limited to the minimum necessary and such third party providers may use Your personal data only for transaction processing purposes or for delivering content necessary for Your account.

To give You a better overview, please find below important notices from these third party providers: